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OA Search is to allow you to search USPTO patent office actions and arguments (for readability, let's call them Documents) to the office actions. As of June 2019, there are more than 500,000 OAs and arguments in the database.

As Documents are originally in picture format. Therefore automatic Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies were used for text conversation. The text conversations occasionally contain incorrect recognitions. You may find spelling mistakes and formatting error.


Enter words and phrases that you want to search in the Words/Phrases field. If you want to find Documents that have all the words/phrases entered, you choose "All". On the other hand, If you want to find Documents that have one or more of the words/phrases entered, you choose "Any". "All" is a Boolean AND search. "Any" is a Boolean OR search.

You could also enter examiner's name, inventor's name, application number and any other text that may appear in the Documents.


We have already created a list of patent examiners that we found. OA Search will provide examiner names suggestion after you entered two or more alphabets. You are not limited to only the examiner names suggested. You can enter any names.

Occasionally, an examiner name may have different names stored in OA Search. This may be due to an initial, an OCR error or an abbreviation. The system will find Documents that have any of the examiner names entered. It is a Boolean OR search.


Select none, one or more of U.S.C. code when you decide to include one of the specific U.S.C. code in your search. Only those Documents that have such U.S.C. code will be found. It is a Boolean AND search.

Mailing Date

Limit the search to those Documents that are mailed or received by the USPTO within the time frame.