Road map of Petapator

The next release of Petapator will focus on the ultimate challenge: increasing patent search speed.  In our daily use, I believe searching claim text and analyzing searching results are very important.  Unfortunately, USPTO full-text search is slow, especially with claims and descriptions.  Further, USPTO does not offer any analyzing tool now and the analyzer at Petapator is only limited to the search results appearing on the screen.

The next release, in our humble opinion, will be revolutionary.  Full-text with wildcard and proximity (for example, “protein acid”~10 will search for patents that have the words “protein” and “acid” within 10 words from each other) search results should be available within 5 seconds for 8 million US patents (for patents with patent number larger than 4,000,000) and patent applications (since 2001).  Analytical results on average will be available within 10 seconds.  Our goal is to cut down the current processing time by half before releasing the next version.

In order to provide the full-text search, a lot of effort has been spent on collecting the patent information.  Additionally, we need to deploy a dozen servers to make the search and analyzing features to the public.  We may need to start charging.

We will keep blogging the development.  If you are interested to use the new version before the general release, please email us at