Petapator 7.0 is just released

There are two main new features in Petapator 7.0: Find and Quicker Results


The first one feature is a new Find function to highlight and find words in the search results.  To use this feature, simply press CTRL-SHIFT-F or click on the Find button at the top-right corner.


You can search up to four words/phrases at the same time.  Technically, we can add unlimited words/phrases for you to search.  We believe four are enough and should not make the user-interface become friendly.  If you have any suggestion to improve the user-interface, please let us know.

Quicker Results

The search function is  powered by USPTO server that we cannot improve.  This is why if you have a complicated query, especially with full-text search, the search is slow.  But once the search results are ready, our servers are then used to parse patent information and convert figures from PDF and TIFF format to PNG format.  You should now see the patent information come out much quicker.  This is because we have tripled the number of servers to handle the increasing traffic.    If you are still experiencing slow responses, please let us know.