Petapator 6.0 will be generally available on Sept 1st

After more than 9 months of development and 3 months of testing, Petapator 6.0 will be generally available on Sept 1st.  There are many changes in the user interface and under the hood.

Petapator 6.0 Demo

The biggest user interface change is to split the screen into half that figures are shown on the right-hand-side and texts are shown on the left-hand-side.  This should make the process of reviewing figures much quicker.  On the other hand, abstracts, claims, inventor information, assignee information, references, citations and patent families are shown in tab style to make the viewing less disorganized.

In terms of functionality changes, there are four new major features:

  1. Analyzer (will discuss more in the next blog)
  2. Patent information export
  3. Viewing all figures
  4. Download searchable PDF

Patent information export

You can now either download information shown for all patents or for selected patents only.  This helps you to make customized analysis quicker.

Viewing all figures

This feature is very ambitious because it puts a very heavy load on the image conversion server, which convers TIFF image directly retrieved from USPTO to PNG format that can be displayed on your screen.  I decide to convert all images, comparing to just the first 6 pages in previous versions, in 6.0.  However, if the load is too much on the image conversion server, I may need to impose restrictions.

Download searchable PDF

Thanks to Google, we can now download searchable PDF of patents and applications from Google Patents.  The PDF button is basically a redirection to Google Patents server.  However, Google Patents does not have the most recent patents or applications.  In such case, my PDF creation server steps in to create a non-searchable PDF.   From your perspective, you should not notice any difference in the download process.

In the next blog, I will detail the magic behind the Analyzer.