Google’s “Creepy Toy” could be more powerful than you think.


Google has looked into making Internet-Connected toys to control home appliance.  It recently published a patent that describes devices (or toys) that would turn their heads towards users and listen to what they were saying, before sending commands to remote servers.  I looked into this patent and used Petapator to search more related information.

By searching the USPTO database using Petapator, I quickly discovered that one of the inventors, Aminzade, had 3 previous patent filings with Google Inc. as Assignee.


Among these 3 previous patents by Aminzade, I found the recent patent “Mobile computing device and wearable computing device having automatic access mode control” to be the most interesting.


US8976965 – As the wearable computing device being within a defined distance threshold with the mobile computing device, the mobile computing device would grant the user with security access for certain function.

I also performed a boarder search on “AN/google AND toy”.  Among the 69 patents published, the top inventors were Desai, Munjal, Steelberg and Ryan.   And interestingly the highest number of the patents related the “Google” AND “toy” were filed back in 2012.


As I quickly browsed through the figures of these 69 patents, I can certainly appreciate the researchers at Google are trying to develop a more human-friendly device interfaces:


With so many related technologies in-house, Google’s “creepy toy” could become more functional and powerful in the near future.  If you are interested to learn more about these patents, I suggest you to search on the Inventors that I mentioned earlier in this blog post.  To try out the Petapator tool that I use for patent search, please visit Chrome Web Store for Petapator.

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