A Simple Way to Download all Apple’s 2015 patents

This week brings another highly anticipated Apple event that will likely be the stage for big new products and updates.  Apple unveiled at its developers conference, WWDC 2015, a number of new products and services such as Apple Music, iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan.  I was interested to review some of the key patents that Apple had been awarded this year.  Leveraging the USPTO database and Petapator, I was able to export the patent search results in CSV and PDF with ease.


Based on the search criteria AN/apple AND ISD/2015, there were over 800 patents in the US Patent Collection Database.


The visualization tools such as Word Cloud and displaying figures right on the search result page are useful for quick analysis.  For in-depth analysis, it is preferable to utilize some 3rd party tools.


I decided to export the search results from the USPTO database onto my local computer.  With few simple steps, I was able to download close to 1,000 patents to my computer in minutes.  On the patent search result page, simply click on the “Services” menu on the top of the screen.  Then select “Export CSV”.  In the next screen, follow the instruction and input an email address where you would like to have the download link sent to.

image4 image 4

In less than 15min., the file containing the patent search results was sent to my email address:


The conventional method to download USPTO patents can be costly and time consuming.  With Petapator, you can export up to 1,000 patents in few simple steps.   If you are interested to try out Petapator, please visit www.petapator.com.